Our Mission

Bring the hairstyling community closer together. That’s the core belief behind onhair.app. We are not creating just a hairstyling platform, but a place where hairdressers and barbers can support and inspire each other every day while discovering the latest trends and products on the market. Not just a video sharing platform but also a “find a job” section where salons can post job ads and find the professional that best meet their needs. All in one place, on one single app.

Our Content

We believe that everyone has knowledge to share and that there is always something new to learn, that’s why we search all over the world for videos that are creative, inspiring and that show all sorts of techniques. Onhair.app hosts videos of: cutting, coloring, hairstyling and barbering techniques to give the chance to our users to learn from other professionals from all over the world, events, shows and backstage to see the most glamorous side of the hairstyling world and the latest trends, products from brands to allow professionals to easily find the best for their salon. Historical archive to inspire and show how the hairstyling world evolved throughout the years.

Our Contributors

We collect videos from professional hairdressers and barbers as well as brands of the hairstyling world from 6 different linguistic regions - English, Italian, Russian, French, Spanish and Portuguese. We are also open to expand.

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